Map of Forthcoming Orienteering Races
     this week,      next week,      week after, etc
by Ollie O'Brien. * Location calculated from postcode, low accuracy in rural areas.
Map data by OpenStreetMap contributors
Last updated: 20 Sep 2020 01:06
DateDistanceLevelClubEventAreaLocation Maps
TODAYRegionalWCOCCumbrian Galoppen - Whinlatter (CANCELLED)Whinlatter Forest
TODAYLocalHOCCastlemorton Common - (HOC & COBOC only)TBC
Tue 22 Sep 202065 kmLocalMVTry Orienteering & POC openingBeddington ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Thu 24 Sep 2020LocalWCOCSummer series 8 - PRE ENTRY ONLY Cockermouth
Sat 26 Sep 202071 kmLocalDFOKDFOK KOL 1Foots Cray MeadowsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 27 Sep 2020105 kmRegionalTVOCSCOL1 and TVOC Regional EventPenn & Common WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 27 Sep 2020139 kmRegionalSOSSOS High Woods Colour CodedHighwoods Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 27 Sep 2020LocalMAROCCambus o'May local eventCambus o'May
Thu 1 Oct 2020LocalDFOKDFOK Kent Night CupBearsted or Larkfield
Sat 3 Oct 2020RegionalFERMONIOA ChampionshipsCavan Burren Park
Sat 3 Oct 2020140 kmRegionalWSXReturn to the ForestBurnbake Camp-siteGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 4 Oct 2020158 kmRegionalWAOCCambourne UrbanCambourneGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 4 Oct 2020LocalBOKBOK Restart Local Event (Pre-entry only) Sandford and Lyncombe
Tue 6 Oct 2020LocalSOSSOS Welcome Back Summer-Autumn Mid-week series, Event 5 of 6 Bocking
Thu 8 Oct 2020LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupCanterbury
Sat 10 Oct 2020LocalSOSO SOG S6 Super SOGRewell Quarry
Sun 11 Oct 2020RegionalWCHHaywood Warren - West Midlands League Event 7
Sun 11 Oct 2020RegionalSYOSYO Regional EventWest Haigh
Tue 13 Oct 2020LocalEBOREBOR Autumn SeriesHob Moor
Thu 15 Oct 2020LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupEnchanted Place
Thu 15 Oct 2020LocalWCOCEvening urban eventFitz Park, Keswick
Sat 17 Oct 2020LocalSWOCSWOC Local EventDraethen
Sat 17 Oct 2020LocalODOD Saturday Morning Eventtbc
Sat 17 Oct 2020LocalSAXSAX Kent Orienteering LeagueBlean
Sun 18 Oct 2020LocalLEINow LEI Club ChampionshipsBurbage Common
Sun 18 Oct 2020RegionalGOGO Regional Event - expected to be on a different dateChobham North
Tue 20 Oct 2020LocalSOSSOS Welcome Back Summer-Autumn Mid-week series, Event 6 of 6 TBD
Thu 22 Oct 2020LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupVigo & Trosley CP
Sat 24 Oct 2020RegionalFERMONI Colour Series 5Crossmurrin
Sat 24 Oct 2020LocalMDOCLocal eventtba
Sat 24 Oct 2020LocalLOCLOC Local eventStoney Hazel
Sun 25 Oct 2020RegionalDVOEast Midlands League 2020Grangewood
Sun 25 Oct 2020152 kmRegionalSMOCRegional event, National Trust StoweNational Trust StoweGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 25 Oct 2020LocalMDOCMDOC Urban tba
Fri 30 Oct 202092 kmLocalBADOBADO - Wessex Night LeagueBeggarwoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 31 Oct 2020RegionalSTAGCervus Nox et Dies (incorporating 32nd Tinto Twin)TBC
Sat 31 Oct 2020LocalMORMoravian Saturday SeriesTBD
Sun 1 Nov 202082 kmRegionalHAVOCBelhus Woods eventBelhus Woods Country ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 1 Nov 2020RegionalSTAGCervus Nox & Dies (Incorporating 32nd Tinto Twin & SoSOL?)TBC
Mon 2 Nov 2020LocalWIMWIM/WSX Monthly evening event + WRNLAlderholt SP6
Wed 4 Nov 2020LocalQOQO MapRun League
Thu 5 Nov 2020LocalDFOKDFOK Kent Night CupWhitehorse Woods
Sat 7 Nov 2020LocalHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeaguePanshanger
Sat 7 Nov 2020LocalDEEDEE Winter Series Runcorn Town Park
Sun 8 Nov 2020RegionalNOCEast Midlands League 2020Boundary Wood & Haywood Oaks
Thu 12 Nov 2020LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupPerry Wood
Sat 14 Nov 2020LocalODOD Saturday Morning Eventtbc
Sun 15 Nov 2020181 kmRegionalSUFFOCTunstall Forest East Anglian LeagueTunstall ForestGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 15 Nov 2020RegionalAIREYHOA Urban EventMorley
Sun 15 Nov 2020RegionalHOCTBC - West Midlands League Event 8TBC
Sun 15 Nov 202080 kmRegionalBADOSCOLxx and BADO League EventChawton Park WoodsGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 18 Nov 2020LocalRRRR Night 2
Wed 18 Nov 2020LocalSWOCSWOC Maprun Street Event 3TBC
Thu 19 Nov 2020LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupOLdbury Hill
Sat 21 Nov 2020LocalSAXSAX Kent Orienteering LeagueAngley
Sat 21 Nov 2020LocalMAProvisional SHI Individual (and maybe open event)
Sun 22 Nov 202052 kmNationalSLOWSLOW South East League eventWinterfoldGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 22 Nov 2020240 kmNationalLEIEM Championships 2020Hanging Hill, Boothorpe and Pick TriangleGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 22 Nov 2020160 kmRegionalSARUMSarum 4 course SundayLarkhill??Google / Ordnance Survey
Sun 22 Nov 2020RegionalTVOCSCOLxx and TVOC Regional EventTBC
Sun 22 Nov 2020LocalMAProvisional SHI relay (and maybe open event)
Wed 25 Nov 2020LocalRRRR Night 3
Thu 26 Nov 2020LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupSittingbourne & Milton Creek
Sat 28 Nov 2020RegionalSOSE Night Champstbc
Sat 28 Nov 202076 kmNationalBAOCSouthern Night Championships (UKOL)Long Valley NorthGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 29 Nov 2020RegionalSOSSOS Danbury Park Colour Coded
Sun 29 Nov 2020LocalLOCLocal Blawith Fell
Sun 29 Nov 2020RegionalEBOREBOR Regional EventRaincliffe Woods
Sun 29 Nov 2020LocalNNTBC
Sun 29 Nov 2020RegionalSOSO Regional eventtbc
Wed 2 Dec 202076 kmLocalBAOC"Not The Southern Champs"Long Valley NorthGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Wed 2 Dec 2020LocalQOQO Maprun League
Thu 3 Dec 2020LocalDFOKDFOK Kent Night CupFoots Cray & Bexley
Sat 5 Dec 2020RegionalHALOYHOA Night League
Sat 5 Dec 2020LocalHHHH Saturday League & Youth LeagueFairlands Valley
Sat 5 Dec 2020LocalDFOKDFOK KOL 4Shooters Hill
Sun 6 Dec 2020NationalGOGO SE League EventLynchmere
Sun 6 Dec 2020RegionalHALORegional Event
Sun 6 Dec 2020LocalSTAG22nd Glasgow Parks Championships - Race 1 TBC
Sun 6 Dec 2020LocalSTAG22nd Glasgow Parks Championships - Race 3TBC
Sun 6 Dec 2020RegionalODOD Brandon Wood - West Midlands League Event 11 & OD Club Champs (TBC)Brandon Wood
Sun 6 Dec 2020195 kmRegionalNORNOR East Anglian League eventLynfordGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 6 Dec 2020LocalNATOWansbeck RiversideAshington
Sun 6 Dec 2020LocalSTAG22nd Glasgow Parks Championships - Race 2TBC
Thu 10 Dec 2020LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupScotney Castle Estate
Sat 12 Dec 2020LocalRRRR Autumn Series 4TBC
Sat 12 Dec 2020LocalDEEDEE Winter Series - MarburyMarbury Country Park
Sun 13 Dec 2020RegionalAIRERegional EventEsholt Woods
Sun 13 Dec 2020RegionalLEIEast Midlands League 2020Bagworth Common and Woods
Sun 13 Dec 2020176 kmRegionalWAOCMildenhall North RegionalMildenhallGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 13 Dec 2020LocalWCHWCH CC Event Shoal Hill
Sun 13 Dec 2020147 kmRegionalWIMWIM South West Orienteering LeagueGore Heath, WarehamGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 13 Dec 2020NationalMVSouth East Families and VeteransNetley & Effingham
Sun 13 Dec 2020LocalTAYTayside Xmas Score 2020
Wed 16 Dec 2020LocalSWOCSWOC Maprun Street Event 4TBC
Thu 17 Dec 2020LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupTunbridge Wells Common & Urban
Sat 19 Dec 2020RegionalEPOCYHOA Night LeagueNewmillerdam
Sat 19 Dec 2020RegionalSOSO Brighton City Racetbc
Sun 20 Dec 2020RegionalEPOCRegional EventNewmillerdam
Sun 20 Dec 2020RegionalNOCEast Midlands League 2020Walesby Forest
Sat 26 Dec 2020LocalNNNN Boxing Day Charity Score 2020
Sun 27 Dec 2020RegionalEBORRegional EventDuncombe Park
Sun 27 Dec 2020LocalSOSO Xmas Scoretbc
Mon 28 Dec 2020LocalODOD Christmas Score Event (tbc)
Fri 1 Jan 2021LocalWRENew Years Day Score Event To be confirmed
Fri 1 Jan 2021LocalSARUMNew Year's Day Score New Forest area?
Sat 2 Jan 2021LocalQOQO MapRun League
Sun 3 Jan 2021190 kmRegionalSUFFOCWest Harling HeathWest Harling HeathGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 3 Jan 2021RegionalDVOMelbourne UrbanMelbourne
Sun 3 Jan 2021LocalTVOCTVOC event TBCTBC
Wed 6 Jan 2021LocalBAOCBAOC Bateson Memorial O EventBarossa
Sat 9 Jan 2021LocalSAXSAX Kent Orienteering LeagueEnchanted Place
Sun 10 Jan 2021NationalCHIGCHIG Mitre SE League EventEpping North
Sun 10 Jan 2021RegionalAIRERegional EventBuck Wood
Sun 10 Jan 2021LocalNWONWO EventTBC
Thu 14 Jan 2021LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupTudely
Sat 16 Jan 2021RegionalEBORYHOA Night League
Sat 16 Jan 2021LocalLOCNWNL Night EventHaverthwaite TBC
Sun 17 Jan 2021NationalDFOKDFOK SE League EventWesterham
Sun 17 Jan 2021LocalWIMWIM RegionalNew Forest
Sun 17 Jan 2021LocalHOCWyre Forest - WML (tbc)
Wed 20 Jan 2021LocalSWOCSWOC Maprun Street Event 5TBC
Fri 22 Jan 2021LocalEUOCBig Weekend FWTN #6
Sat 23 Jan 2021LocalEUOCBig Weekend Urban
Sun 24 Jan 2021NationalSAXSAX SE LeagueHindleap
Sun 24 Jan 2021NationalNOCThe Robin Hood TrophyClumber Park
Sun 24 Jan 2021RegionalNORCromer Ridge Heath
Sun 24 Jan 2021LocalEUOCBig Weekend Classic
Mon 25 Jan 2021LocalWIMWIM/WSX Monthly evening event + WRNLBlandford Forum DT11
Thu 28 Jan 2021LocalDFOKDFOK Kent Night CupLullingstone
Sat 30 Jan 2021RegionalAIREYHOA Night LeagueHirst Wood
Sun 31 Jan 202191 kmRegionalHAVOCBedfords Park SWELLBedfords ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Mon 1 Feb 2021LocalBADOBADO - Wessex Night League
Wed 3 Feb 2021LocalLOGFight the Night
Thu 4 Feb 2021LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupLongbeech North
Sat 6 Feb 2021NationalGOGO SE League Event & SE Middle ChampsRedlands
Sun 7 Feb 2021NationalMVSouthern ChampionshipsAshdown South
Sun 7 Feb 2021RegionalCLOK Flatts Lane
Sun 7 Feb 2021RegionalWCOCCumbrian GaloppenHarrop Tarn
Wed 10 Feb 2021LocalLOGFight the Night
Thu 11 Feb 2021LocalDFOKDFOK Kent Night CupPetts Wood
Sat 13 Feb 2021RegionalCUOCIcenian 2021
Sat 13 Feb 2021LocalSARUMSarum Saturday & Wessex Night LeagueSOC area
Sun 14 Feb 2021RegionalWAOCTBAThetford Warren/Risbeth Warren
Sun 14 Feb 2021NationalLOKLOK SE League eventLeith Hill
Sun 14 Feb 2021RegionalQOSW LeagueRamscombe
Sun 14 Feb 2021RegionalINTCompassPoint Scottish Orienteering League
Wed 17 Feb 2021LocalLOGFight the Night
Thu 18 Feb 2021LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupMote Park
Sat 20 Feb 2021188 kmMajorNGOCBritish Night Championships (UKOL)Cleeve HillGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 21 Feb 2021186 kmNationalBOKMike Nelson BOK TrotCranham/Cooper's HillGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 21 Feb 2021NationalHHHH SE League EventAshridge
Sun 21 Feb 2021RegionalCLARORegional Middle Distance EventDob Park
Sun 21 Feb 2021RegionalNORNarford Wood
Wed 24 Feb 2021LocalLOGFight the Night
Thu 25 Feb 2021LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupShoreham Woods
Sat 27 Feb 2021LocalDEEDEE Winter Series and Cheshire & Merseyside Schools LeagueDelamere Forest
Sat 27 Feb 2021LocalDFOKDFOK KOL 6Tba
Sun 28 Feb 2021InternationalInterlandBelgium
Sun 28 Feb 2021NationalTVOCTVOC Chiltern Challenge National Event TBC
Sun 28 Feb 2021NationalDVOEM Championships 2021Stanton Moor
Sun 28 Feb 2021RegionalSOSSOS Hockley Wood
Mon 1 Mar 2021LocalWIMWIM/WSX Monthly evening event + WRNL and Prize GivingFordingbridge SP6
Thu 4 Mar 2021LocalQOQO MapRun League
Sat 6 Mar 202161 kmMajorBritish Orienteering Championships 2021 (UKOL) - provisional rearrangement from 2020Golden Valley & Cognor WoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 7 Mar 202161 kmMajorBritish Relay Championships 2021- provisional rearrangement from 2020Iron Hill and Parkgate RoughGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 7 Mar 2021LocalCHIGRegional and SWELL eventWanstead Park
Thu 11 Mar 2021LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupWest Malling & Leybourne
Sun 14 Mar 2021515 kmNationalNATOCompassSport Cup HeatSimonsideGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 14 Mar 2021NationalTVOCCompassSport Cup HeatHambleden
Sun 14 Mar 2021NationalPOTOCCompassSport Cup HeatParkhall
Sun 14 Mar 2021NationalLEICompassSport Cup Heatnear Corby
Sun 14 Mar 2021NationalMDOCCompassSport Cup HeatPhilips Park tbc
Sun 14 Mar 2021NationalCompassSport Cup HeatScotland
Sun 14 Mar 2021NationalMVCompassSport Cup HeatBalcombe
Thu 18 Mar 2021LocalDFOKDFOK Kent Night Cuptba
Sat 20 Mar 2021NationalSYOSYO National EventWharncliffe Woods
Sun 21 Mar 2021NationalSYOSYO National EventCanklow
Sun 21 Mar 2021RegionalSARUMSarum SaunterFonthill??
Sun 21 Mar 2021RegionalRRRR Regional event
Sun 21 Mar 2021RegionalNORWhinney Hills
Thu 25 Mar 2021LocalSAXSAX Kent Night CupKnole Park
Sat 27 Mar 2021NationalCompassPoint Scottish Orienteering League
Sat 27 Mar 2021LocalNWONWO Four Colour EventTBC
Sat 27 Mar 2021LocalDEE Cheshire & Merseyside Schools League RelaysStadt Moers Country Park
Sat 27 Mar 202196 kmNationalCUOCBUCS Individual Long distance 2021 Epping EastGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 27 Mar 2021RegionalCLOKPickering
Sat 27 Mar 2021LocalSAXSAX Kent Orienteering LeagueKnole Park
Sat 27 Mar 2021NationalEnglish World Schools Selection RaceBentley Wood tbc
Sun 28 Mar 2021NationalCLOKAcorn
Sun 28 Mar 2021NationalCompassPoint Scottish Orienteering League
Sun 28 Mar 2021RegionalSOSO Regional eventAngmering Park
Sun 28 Mar 202194 kmRegionalBADOSCOLxx and BADO League EventBlackwoodGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 28 Mar 2021152 kmNationalCUOCBUCS Sprint Relay 2021Trumpington WestGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Fri 2 Apr 2021MajorJan Kjellström Orienteering Festival - Sprint (UKOL)Plymouth Hoe
Sat 3 Apr 2021MajorJan Kjellström Orienteering Festival - Middle (UKOL)Hayle Towans
Sun 4 Apr 2021MajorJan Kjellström Orienteering Festival - Long (UKOL)Penhale Sands
Sun 4 Apr 2021LocalTAYNot the JK
Mon 5 Apr 2021MajorJan Kjellström Orienteering Festival - RelaysTowans
Sat 10 Apr 2021LocalDFOKDFOK KOL 8Cobham & West Kent Downs
Sat 10 Apr 2021LocalNOCNOC - Out SprintBestwood Estate
Sun 11 Apr 2021RegionalLOGEast Midlands League 2021Stoke Rochford
Sun 11 Apr 2021RegionalWSXWessex South West Orienteering LeagueRushmore
Sun 11 Apr 2021RegionalBKOConcorde Chase 2021Cold Ash
Sun 11 Apr 202179 kmRegionalBKOSCOLxx BKO regional event and SCOA YBT Qualifier 2021Hawley & HornleyGoogle / Ordnance Survey *
Sun 11 Apr 2021LocalNATOMorpeth GatheringMorpeth Carlisle park
Sun 11 Apr 2021RegionalCLOKCod Beck
Sun 11 Apr 202193 kmRegionalHAVOCEpping SW Epping Forest South WestGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sat 17 Apr 2021RegionalCLAROYHOA Urban LeagueHarrogate
Sat 17 Apr 2021RegionalSWOCVery much TBC Yvette Baker Qualifier & Cwpan Y Ddraig Competition, depends on Covid 19 changes
Sat 17 Apr 2021RegionalSROCSROC middle distanceBlakeholme
Sun 18 Apr 2021253 kmNationalSWOCSWOC Welsh Orienteering ChampionshipsMerthyr CommonGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 18 Apr 2021RegionalEBORRegional Event and Yvette Baker Heat
Sun 18 Apr 2021RegionalSOSSOS Danbury Common
Sun 18 Apr 2021RegionalLOCLakeland Weekend Loughrigg
Wed 21 Apr 2021LocalSWOCSWOC Maprun Street Event 8TBC
Sat 24 Apr 2021LocalSARUMSarum Urban eventAmesbury South
Sun 25 Apr 2021LocalNWOAncient Wiltshire WeekendTBC
Sun 25 Apr 2021RegionalHALORegional Event
Sun 25 Apr 2021NationalCompassPoint Scottish Orienteering League
Sun 25 Apr 2021RegionalWAOCWAOC UrbanHuntingdon
Sun 25 Apr 2021LocalNATOThrunton
Fri 30 Apr 2021InternationalIrish Champs 30/4 to 3/5Southern Ireland
Sat 1 May 2021InternationalTio Mila 1-2 MaySweden
Sat 1 May 2021RegionalWCOCCumbrian GaloppenDalegarth
Sun 2 May 2021RegionalNORNOR Urban
Sun 2 May 2021RegionalWCOCCumbrian Galoppen (potential upgrade to National event)Dalegarth
Sun 2 May 2021LocalTVOCTVOC Chiltern Challenge National Event (alternative date)
Sat 8 May 2021MajorBritish Orienteering Middle ChampionshipsSummerhouse Knott
Sun 9 May 2021NationalMDOCNorthern Championships High Dam
Thu 13 May 2021InternationalEuropean Orienteering Championships & World Cup Rd 1 13 - 16 MaySwitzerland
Sat 15 May 2021LocalSOSunny Sussex Weekend - Middle Distancetbc
Sat 15 May 2021LocalSOSunny Sussex Weekend - Short Urban (evening)tbc
Sun 16 May 2021200 kmRegionalBOKBOK Regional eventBlack DownGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 16 May 2021137 kmNationalSOSColchester UrbanGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 16 May 2021NationalSOSunny Sussex Weekend - National EventOld House Warren
Sun 16 May 2021NationalAIRENational EventDanefield and the Chevin
Sun 16 May 2021LocalTAYScottish Score Championships
Sun 16 May 2021RegionalCLOKCringle Moor
Sat 22 May 2021InternationalWorld Masters Orienteering Championships 22-29 MayJapan
Sat 22 May 2021LocalSAXSAX Kent Orienteering LeagueTrosley
Sun 23 May 202194 kmRegionalHAVOCHadleigh Park SWELLHadleigh ParkGoogle / Ordnance Survey
Sun 23 May 2021RegionalSBOC2021 Welsh League Race (TBC & might move to 22/05/2021)Graig Fawr & Margam Park
Sun 23 May 2021RegionalNATOSewingshieldsSewingshields